History 303 painter Responses

  1. How does Painter describe the relationship between economics and politics during this period? Is it a functional relationship or could stand to be improved? If so, how? Explain. Nell Painter, describes to us how the minorities were oppressed during the years 1877-1919. After reconstruction many African Americans traveled up north to escape the lives they were living in the south. While World War was taking place, these minorities took the jobs in the factories and in the farms, usually male, to support their families. Meanwhile, the women also took jobs that were available to them. In terms of the political stand point, most of these men and women were not educated enough to have a better job that paid better. This is because of their social standing after the civil war. 
  2. How does Painter integrate the concept of race into the overall economic theme of her book?Painter integrates race in into the economic theme of this book because the minorities were used as replacements in the factories to help the war cause in Europe. The Factories needed workers and they were the only ones available to work.
  3. Is World War I a continuation of the trends that Painter describes in the rest of her book or is it a break with what comes before? Explain. Yes it is a continuation for the rest of the book because the African Americans were not able to enlist in the Marine Corps. This is a direct correlation of how the politics were being held in America at time. Most minorities were not allowed to do what the white man was able to do during that time period. But in retro spec right before America entered the war African Americans were allowed to enlist and fight for America.

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