Stross Edison questions

1) Does Stross think Edison was a good businessman (as opposed to being a good inventor)? Explain.
Stross does think Edison was a good businessman because he outlines so great qualities of a businessman. First off Edison was an extremely hard worker no matter if he was being a businessman or if he was inventing. Thomas Edison also knew how to persuade people in his favor. Stross tells us the reader that Edison ran a mini store out of freightcar while he was younger. Edison always looked for the best opportunity for him to succeed financially. It seemed like Edison always found a way to be on top financially.

2) Why did Edison treat his immediate family (especially his wives) the way he did?
Edison did not want to get close to his wives. He had 2 wives during his lifetime. Stoss tells us that Edison was a very independent man. In his teen years Edison was moving from city to city with various jobs and whenever he wrote back home, he sounded very much more mature.

3) Did Thomas Edison control the nature of his own fame or did the press do more to shape the public perception of him? Explain.
When Edison first moves to Menlo park the press did not make much of it because it was out of the city and in new Jersey. Once Edison started inventing significant things then the press came to Menlo park and started to praise him and almost like a “demi-god” as Stross put it.


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