Freeberg questions

  1. What did you learn about Edison from Freeberg that you didn’t learn from Stross?From Freeberg, there was more background to Edison and the way he invented. Freeberg gave the reader the sense that Edison was driven by his fellow competitors of inventing various things. For example the light bulb, Edison was competing with inventors both in America and across the Atlantic. the moves Edison made in the process were very calculated, in a sense he did not want to show what he knew of the light bulb and how he thought the mechanics worked. Once Edison was motivated to accomplish something Freeberg gave us this ruthless inventor who would spend hours upon hours trying to perfect an idea. I got the sense of edison not sitting back and letting people become famous, it was his drive to be the one person who was going to be famous for the inventions he created.
  2. What exactly did making up an electrical delivery system so much more difficult than perfecting the light bulb? What made the delivery system much more difficult was finding a safe but effective way to deliver the energy required to power the light bulb. The easy part of this whole process was figuring out the inter working parts of the light bulb, while the real struggle was figuring out a way to get the energy from point A to point B which was the light bulb.
  3. When exactly do you think electrical lighting became so common place that Americans started to take it for granted? Explain the reasoning for your answer. The light bulb became common place when it was starting to be mass produced and everyone could buy it. This starts a theme, Americans want something or may not, but once they found out what that thing is they want it now and they want the best of it. The light bulb is the most effective way to work through the night and much more safer than anything before that. Americans take the light bulb for granted because as the invention grew people started to forget what life was like before they had light in their house or anywhere a light was needed.



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