Solnit Questions

1. This book is a biography of Muybridge, but it’s also something more.  Describe the something more.

The something more is how a person can change his life by moving. what I got from the something more, is having an abstract mind with the technological advances during the same time period, Muybridge was able to portray the west in a different way. He was able to capture moments and share with people. it seemed like Muybridge was the first person to use the technology to capture nature and preserve it.

2. What does this book tell us about the history of the American West and the history of California in particular?

The American west offered people many new opportunities. California at this was a relatively new state in the union. California was a state that offered opportunities to become a self-made man, to make money and to acquire fame, and to reinvent oneself in a place unburdened by the past.

3. Why should we care whether all four legs of a horse ever get off the same time when it’s trotting?

We should care about the horse’s legs because this the first time where we had cameras moving fast enough to see a fast paced animal trot. This also allowed people to see that time and space have been slowed down enough for people to see.


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