Schuster Questions

1. How was the diagnosis of neurasthenia tied to the advent of industrialization?

Neurasthenia and industrialization are tied together because they both expanded in America. Neurasthenia expanded because they symptoms varied and doctors were trying to figure out what this disease really was. it was not so much wide spread because it dealt with the brain, meaning that if the public saw you as not intelligent then you were probably not diagnosed with it. At the same time the industrial revolution was taking place. America was expanding. this ties into the neurasthenia disease because factories were developing products to help treat the disease or they were coming up with medicines to cure it as well.

2. Did neurasthenia affect men and women differently?  Explain.

The difference in the ways men and women acted were more than convention. They both reflected the belief that men and women were different. but yet at the same time men and women were the same in nature. In terms of me, it was the strong will survive and the weak will die. where women were weaker were not so much confined as who is stronger versus who is not, but they relied on their morals more than anything.

3.  What is the legacy of neurasthenia in today’s world?

I think that neurasthenia left a conflicting legacy behind. it was good because this disease dealt with the brain and doctors at the time started the research of the brain and what caused people to be “mental”. it was bad because anyone could fake the disease and could cause pandemonium.


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